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What is PCOS?

​Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal disorder effecting 1 in 10 women worldwide. It is the worlds leading cause of infertility in women.

PCOS presents as a combination of varying symptoms caused by an imbalance of hormones.

Symptoms include irregular ovulation and menstruation, insulin resistance, acne, hirsutism (unwanted hair), hair loss, acne, weight around the middle and moodiness along with a myriad of other symptoms.

What causes this imbalance of hormones and subsequent symptoms is not known but research has shown it could be hereditary from the mother, in some cases it could be caused by insulin resistance, it has been linked to inflammation and some people suspect the use of hormonal contraceptives such as the contraceptive pill.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive cause and no definitive cure. There are however many treatment options that work to varying degrees from woman to woman, some even finding themselves cured. These include but are not limited to Western Pharmaceuticals, Western Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) Medicine, Yoga, Reiki, Fertility Massage, Reflexology and importantly,
changes in diet, lifestyle and exercise regimes.

Many women find relief from their symptoms when implementing either a Low GI or Keto diet and exercise as a first defense.

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