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The PCOS Journal
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A comprehensive and informative day planner, designed specifically to help women with PCOS manage, track, understand and TAKE OWNERSHIP of their health.

Contains easy to read information about our treatment options and charts for tracking our symptoms, treatments, cycles, habits,
weight and nutrition.

Plus soooo much more!

The 2019 PCOS has now SOLD OUT. You can pre-order the new edition over here

The PCOS Journal is an informative, inspiring, loving space for you to gain knowledge about PCOS and manage your symptoms, treatments, appointments and daily life. A day planner, designed specifically for women with PCOS.

I have created this journal to be a support tool to help, encourage and inspire you to continue down your path to wellness. I believe being on a treatment path is essential for our mental health. It provides us with hope and a sense of empowerment. I also believe there is a treatment out there for all of us that will work! You just have to find it. So if a treatment isn't working for you, don’t give up.
The PCOS Journal is filled with information about effective alternative therapies for you to read about, research and act on.

The journal also contains weight, cycle, symptom and treatment charts, recipes, health tips, inspiring worksheets, yoga poses and so much more.
And everything is specific to women with PCOS.



There is no doubt that PCOS is prolific, effecting roughly 1 in 10 women. We need as many dedicated support tools as we can get and that is what my intention for this journal is. It has been lovingly made just for us.


The journal is a companion to help you pull yourself out from underneath your diagnosis so that you can become an empowered woman with PCOS who can handle your diagnosis and take ownership of your health.

I am so excited to have a beautiful place to record and track my PCOS journey and I hope more than anything that you feel the same way and that it helps you.

I am not a health practitioner but
everything in the journal has been fact checked by women who are - Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, Ayurvedic doctors, Yogis, Reiki Masters, Masseuses and Naturopath's. This journal is intended to support you, not replace professional care. I strongly believe your journey is better off with a health professional in your corner so please take my recommendation and find a practitioner in the field that speaks to you.

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