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Fertility Massage for PCOS

May 3, 2018




Massage can be a relaxing, NURTURING way to treat your PCOS.


Women with PCOS have an imbalance of hormones and often have stagnation in the pelvic area.


By improving circulation of blood around the body and stimulating the endocrine (hormonal) system, massage can improve the proper functioning of your body’s organs, balance hormones, improve your immunity, decrease inflammation and lower your feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.


There are many forms of massage but a particularly beneficial massage for women with
PCOS is fertility massage.




Despite it's name, fertility massage is also suitable and beneficial for women who aren't trying to conceive.


Fertility massage is a powerful but gentle form of massage that can balance hormones, increase blood circulation in the pelvic area, remove stagnated blood from the reproductive organs, break down fibroids, cysts and uterine scar tissue, stimulate ovulation, ease menstrual pain and improve egg health.


A fertility massage therapist will use many techniques during a session including pulsing, acupressure, reflexology and trigger point therapy. You can expect massage around the pelvic, abdominal and gluteal areas of your body.


Receiving a fertility massage can be a powerful and enjoyable experience but you can also practice fertility massage on your self!




Self Fertility Massage allows you to practice fertility massage on yourself, at home.

This video teaches you how to do it safely.


And I do encourage you to learn how to do it safely, especially if you are trying to conceive and could be pregnant at the time of preforming self fertility massage.


I used self fertility massage whilst I was traveling and really wish I could have had the guidance of this self fertility massage dvd but we were constantly on the move and I couldn't get it delivered anywhere. I highly recommend it!




I used self fertility massage after I had a miscarriage. I had a D&C (a type of surgery) to remove the baby and unfortunately they weren't able to remove everything as it had fused to the wall of my uterus. I didn't want to have another D&C as there is risk to damaging your uterus but we all knew that eventually I would get an infection from the retained tissue. So I needed to get it out as quickly as possible or another
D&C would be necessary.


I did many things to help the tissue release on its own and self fertility massage was one of them. I did it to invigorate the area and to encourage healthy hormones so I would get a period (the best thing for removing retained tissue). Although that was my intention and the retained tissue did eventually come out, I got so much more from self fertility massage than I thought I would. It connected me with my body. It was this little 5 minute interlude in my day where I would care for and connect with my uterus, my ovaries, my abdomen. And after not too long of doing it, I could really feel the effect it was having. It was like the area felt
energised and warm - it was such a nice feeling that it became addictive!


Ladies, I truly believe in the healing power of fertility massage and really encourage you to try it, whether with a fertility massage therapist or through self fertility massage.


Have you tried these massage techniques before? I'd love to hear about it!



Mel xx



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