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6 ways to improve your relationship with your body - and lose weight!

May 25, 2018


A few years ago I had a miscarriage. It was devastating and due to some complications with the D&C (surgery) I needed, it took me a while for my body to heal.


In this time, I decided to improve my relationship with my body and become the healthiest version of myself that I could be.


It was a very important time in my life, one that I will never forget. It was the absolute worst...but it was also the best. I was going through such intense grief...but I was also healing physically, mentally and spiritually - more than ever before.


I was easily and steadily losing weight - something I had never been able to do, even with a perfect diet and regular, purposeful exercise. My posture improved, my skin was glowing and I felt sexy. I was incredibly sad and experienced extreme lows with my grief...but my moods felt healthy, my temperament even.


I wrote a lot of notes during that time and looking over them, I've found 6 things that i purposely or inadvertently did to improve my relationship with my body and lose weight.


1. I listened.


I was told that I should treat the relationship with my body as I would any relationship - with respect, kindness and a listening ear.


So, when my body told me it was full...I stopped eating. It didn't feel like I was depriving myself...it felt like I was respecting and honouring what my body wanted.


When my body told me I hadn't burnt off all the energy my food had provided me...I moved. I remember one night we were at a campground and after we finished dinner I could feel the energy inside me. All I'd had was some soup but the energy it provided was buzzing around my body. So I said to my husband "I'll be back in a minute" and head torch on, I sprinted around the campsite as fast as I could. I didn't run for long, just a few minutes but it just felt right!


2. I pampered.


Every single day I would do at least one thing that gave intentional attention to a part of my body.


Most days I would massage something. Either my face, my feet, my hands, my legs or my arms.


Every day I would massage my lower abdomen using self fertility massage techniques.


Every day, using coconut oil, I would moisturise my face and body whilst focusing all my attention on that part of my body.


In short, I practiced self care diligently.


3. I relaxed


Similar to yoga nidra, I would lie down in the evening and focus my attention on each part of my body one by one. As I moved through each body part I would physically release the tension from it and focus on drawing calming, loving energy into it.


4. I breathed


I mean, I properly breathed.


Every day I would practice deep breathing exercises, breathing air into every part of my body with a particular focus on breathing air into my uterus.


Breathing into each part of my body gave me a sense of drawing energy into that part of my body. It was a wonderful feeling that I believe was very important on my journey.


5. I showed gratitude


Every day I told my body that I was grateful for it. I thanked it for carrying me and I thanked it for withstanding the terrible foods I had fed it for years and the lack of exercise I had given it. I thanked it every day because I knew that I should...and eventually (after not too long at all), I really meant it.


6. I embraced my period


Because I was post miscarriage, I actually really wanted to get my period as it would mark the beginning of my first cycle. It meant I would be able to start tracking my cycle to see where my body was at as I prepared to conceive again in the future.


In wanting my period so much, I became incredibly grateful for it. When it finally came...I can't tell you the relief, the gratitude and the happiness. I relaxed, I nurtured my body, I stretched, I ate, I drank copious amount of red raspberry leaf tea, I snuggled up with a hot water bottle...I embraced my period as down time. And I never thought of my period as a hassle again. To this day, when I get my period...it's me time. I avoid doing anything strenuous, I stay home and nurture myself.


It's like this cyclical reset. How amazing that women have this! We have this "period" of time where we shed the old and start fresh. I loved embracing this time as a fresh start and encourage you to do the same.




Some of these techniques I have continued, some not so much. I've written this article because I recently decided to embrace them again and I am once again having wonderful results. I am slowly but steadily and easily losing weight and I feel happier. Thanking my body daily has been really powerful for me once more and I can't recommend it enough.


Please let me know if you give any of these techniques a go and comment if you have other techniques for improving your relationship with your body.


Mel xx


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