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16 Benefits of The 2019 PCOS Journal

March 2, 2018

The 2019 PCOS Journal is a day planner I am creating that is designed specifically to help women with PCOS manage their journey. And, it's almost my whole world right now. Sometimes I feel guilty to my son for the attention I'm giving it. But making this video, I'm reminded why the journal needs to exist and I'm proud to be the woman who helps it to be born. Below the video I breakdown how the journal can bring you each of these benefits.



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1. Insight into your own personal PCOS

The journal is a day planner that includes charts for tracking absolutely everything to do with your PCOS - your cycle, fertility, weight, symptoms, treatments and daily habits. As you mark off the charts they will become graphs showing when your symptoms are better or worse and why. Using these charts and any other information your record in the dated sections for each day, you are going to have a very clear view of what exactly YOUR personal PCOS is doing.


2. A thorough understanding of your options

The journal does not push a particular treatment method. I believe different medicine effects us all differently, so we need to have an understanding of all the options so we can find a way forward that
works for us.


Spread throughout the journal in easy to digest sections, you will find information about the different treatment options that are available for women with PCOS. This includes overviews of complete approaches such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy. But it also includes little one line facts and tips about particular PCOS medicines, vitamins, herbs, minerals and lifestyle treatments. By the end of the year you will know all about the different ways you can move forward with your PCOS.




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3. Improved or even cured symptoms

The information you learn in the journal is going to empower you with knowledge to choose the right treatment path for you. If you are not on a treatment path yet, the journal will inspire you to make changes to your lifestyle and begin treating your PCOS, potentially improving or even curing your symptoms. And if you are already on a treatment path but your symptoms are still bothering you, the journal will provide alternatives for you to explore, potentially improving or even curing your symptoms.


4. Clarity around which treatments are working for you - and which aren't

The Symptoms and Treatments Tracking Chart is going to enable you to clearly see what effect your treatment methods are having on each of your symptoms. The chart is laid out in a way that will show clear correlations between your symptoms and treatments.




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5. Improved cycle and fertility

The journal will begin with an explanation of the menstrual cycle and how to understand your own. The cycle and fertility charts in the journal will allow you to track and manage your cycle and fertility. If you are not already tracking your cycle, this will immediately improve your understanding of your PCOS and allow you to make treatment choices that specifically help your situation. It will also enable you to know when your fertile time is, improving your chances of conception. The journal will also have tips and facts spread throughout the journal about ways to regulate your cycle and improve your fertility.


6. Weight loss

The journal contains weight tracking charts to record your weight and monitor any changes - this alone can help motivate you to lose weight. On top of this, the journal contains nutrition advice, exercise tips, yoga moves that can specifically help you to lose weight and simple, delicious, PCOS friendly recipes. Plus, with the motivational worksheets and inspirational quotes, the journal will encourage you to achieve your goals.


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7. Less stress, more relaxation, more productivity

Throughout the journal I explore stress and the powerful effect it can have on your PCOS. It can almost be seen as a potential stand alone cause of PCOS. At the very least, it is a major contributing factor. The journal contains ideas and tips for reducing your stress. It encourages you to prioritise time for nurturing your health - in quick, easy ways. Many people find that when they are less stressed and find time to dedicate to themselves, they are actually more productive. Combining this concept with the organisation you will find from using the journal, I truly believe you could find yourself more productive in all areas of your life.




8. Access to easy, delicious, PCOS friendly recipes

This one speaks for itself really :) I will say, I absolutely love cooking and I'm all about maximum flavour. So these recipes are going to be a delicious resource for you to make easy, healthy food for you and your family.


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9. A better relationship with your body

This is one I need to work on as much as the next person but I will say...during the times in my life where I have embraced my body and been kind to it - I have never felt happier or healthier. There is something powerful to be found in the relationship we have with our body and I explore this and encourage this connection throughout the journal through inspirational quotes, nurturing health tips, exploratory worksheets and loving affirmations.


10. A more organised life

The journal is a day planner. There is space for recording appointments, contacts, to do lists, goals, resolutions, calories, glasses of water, medication reminders and so much more.




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11. Ability and knowledge to make better
food choices

The journal lists PCOS super-foods, foods to swap out for other more unhealthy options, foods for specific nutrients that are good for PCOS and a whole bunch of healthy recipes.


12. More happiness

The treatment options explored throughout the journal are going to empower you with knowledge to take control of your PCOS and improve your situation. It also explores small, simple ways you can improve your PCOS and general health. It looks at ways you can connect with your body and form a better relationship with it - appreciating it and even learning to love it. It gives detailed information about meditation and relaxation.


I am a big believer that doing even the smallest thing to improve your PCOS can be powerful for your mental health. Doing something for your PCOS, even if it's small, can give you a sense of hope and a sense of control - two powerful weapons against depression and anxiety. I strive to help you acquire this hope and control through empowering you with the knowledge and tools to find a treatment path that works for you. This, along with an improved relationship with your body and encouragement to relax can bring happiness!

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13. Motivation to achieve your goals

Do you love satisfyingly ticking off a list? I do. I find it motivating. That's why the journal offers many an opportunity to do so. The daily habits chart is a space where you can list all the things you want to achieve every day - e.g. a morning yoga routine, a glass of apple cider vinegar and water, no eating after 8pm, taking your Vitamin D supplement. Then, you can tick each one off - every day. Maximum satisfaction guaranteed - very motivating.


Then there are the weekly goals sections, the motivational worksheets, the resolutions tracking sheets and the motivational quotes. This thing is a motivational trainer!




14. Inspiration to get through the low points

Sometimes, it's all too much. I get that. In fact, I try to embrace that. Throughout the journal I list small, simple nurturing health tips to encourage you to take time out from everything else and just focus on you in a very gently way. If you're overwhelmed by life, no doubt within a page flick or two you will find a lovely little idea to help you. Either that or an inspirational quote that will snap you out of your funk and into the day.


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15. A clear record of your PCOS to show your health practitioners

At its core, the journal is a health record. It will clearly show exactly how your symptoms have been presenting every day and exactly what effect your treatments are having on each of those symptoms. What a powerful resource to show your health practitioners - how helpful.


I made the journal this way because I am the WORST for remembering what a symptom has been like through the course of time - did my acne start improving last month? Or has it been longer than that? Did it start improving after I started swimming? Or was it when I started using coconut oil? The journal is your memory and your health professionals will thank you for it.


16. Prioritisation of your health

Don't underestimate this one. It's important. It's so important. Almost more important than anything else in your life. Simple having the journal in your life will help you with this. It's a beautiful book, it begs to be read and written in. It's warm, inviting and sacred. It's a space for you to finally dedicate some time to you and your health and it is FILLED with ways to do this simply. It's like a little companion for your journey and it will motivate you to nurture your mind, body and heart.


Pre-order the journal here


I give the journal my heart, soul, mind (and spare pennies) every day - but I need your help to finish creating it. If you like the sound of the journal you can help me birth it into the world by pre-ordering a copy through my Kickstarter campaign. This will help me to pay for things like the editing and printing of the journal. My Kickstarter campaign has only 14 days to go and I need your help to bring it home by the 16th of March.

To pre-order, click here, select the big green button that says "Back this project" then select the package you would like to pre-order.

Mel xx

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