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How to pre-order The 2019 PCOS Journal

February 8, 2018

Pre-orders for The 2019 PCOS Journal will be available from the 13th of February through a Kickstarter campaign.


I've made this video to explain what a Kickstarter campaign is, how it works and why I'm doing it.




The campaign is less than a week away (although I did record this video a week ago and in it I say it's less than 2 weeks away - whoops, ignore that!). I have been working my butt off to get the journal together and the Kickstarter campaign ready - I have everything crossed that the campaign is a success.


I also mention in the video that I will have a 13k funding goal - this was before I realised that shipping costs need to be included in the funding goal, so ignore the 13k as it will be quite  bit more! This doesn't effect you though, just wanted to make things clear.


I want to stress that I can only create the journal if I get enough pre-orders so please, if you want the journal - pre-order it! It's cheaper pre-ordering it than it is to wait for its release anyway.


Please let me know if you have any questions about it.


Your busy PCOS friend, Mel xx

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The PCOS Journal

for pre-order

A comprehensive health diary, designed specifically to help women with PCOS get informed and find the treatment that works for THEM.

Contains easy to read information about our treatment options and charts for managing our symptoms, treatments, cycles, habits,
weight and nutrition.

Plus soooo much more!

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