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An eBook version of The 2019 PCOS Journal - this is a digital PDF file you will receive instantly, after purchase.


The PDF file you will receive is readable on any device and you can print it out to use it. To clarify, it is not digitally editable, meaning you will need to print it out to write in it.


The file you will receive will be a .zip file that contains a PDF of the whole journal plus four other PDFs that break the journal up into 3 month chunks or quarters (eg Jan-Feb-Mar) - this way you can just print the section you need at the time.


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If you want to take ownerhsip of your health and improve your PCOS, The 2019 PCOS Journal can help you.


Created In conjunction with my partners:

  • PCOS Diva
  • PCOS Challenge
  • PCOS Diet Support
  • & the PCOS Community


A comprehensive day planner/diary, The 2019 PCOS Journal has been designed specifically to help women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) manage, track, understand and take ownership of their health.

The 2019 PCOS Journal includes:


- information about treatment options (some you probably haven't even heard of!)

- charts for tracking your symptoms, treatments, habits, weight and fertility.

- motivational worksheets

- space for recording meal plans

- information about specific medicines and home remedies

- nurturing health tips

- yoga poses

- PCOS friendly recipes

- affirmations

- inspirational quotes

The journal also provides resources that are going to turn you into an empowered woman with PCOS who holds ownership over her health.


It will be your companion as you pull yourself out from underneath your diagnosis and take back control of your body, your health and your life.


Using the journal can:


- help you understand YOUR PCOS and YOUR body.

- give you a thorough understanding of your treatment options.

- provide insight into what treatments are actually working for you.

- improve your understanding of your fertility and cycle.

- show you how to reduce stress and increase relaxation and productivity.

- empower you with knowledge about better food choices for PCOS and help you to lose weight.

- improve your relationship with your body.

- give you a more organised life.

- motivate you to achieve your goals.

- inspire you to get through the low times.

- provide a clear record of your health, which you can share with health practitioners.

- help you to prioritise your health.


The journal has been created by Melissa Christie,  an Australian mum with PCOS and founder of PCOS Pathways. The journal has been reviewed by an advisory team of PCOS practitioners to ensure accuracy across all modalities presented.


Approximate prices in other currencies are:

$9 USD

£7 GBPounds

8 Euro

$12 Canadian Dollars

$13 NZD

615 Indian Rupee

457 Philippine Piso

120 South African Rand.

PDF version of The 2019 PCOS Journal

  • The file you will receive will be a .zip file that contains the following:


    1 x PDF of the whole journal

    1 x PDF of Jan to March section of the journal

    1 x PDF of April to June section of the journal

    1 x PDF of July to September section of the journal

    1 x PDF of October to December section of the journal


    I have included the broken up sections of the journal so you can just print the section you need at the time.


    The PDF files are all A5 sized.

  • Click here to read reviews of the journal.




    "Not only is it gorgeous to look at but it's packed full of amazing info, recipes and makes it sooo easy to keep a track of all your PCOS symptoms and cycle!! I wish I had of had this in my life earlier!!" ~ Brigitte Warne, Girl Boss at PCOS to Wellness - www.pcostowellness.com


    "I am loving your diary, thank you. It is one of a kind." ~ Lisa Muller, Acupuncturist from Jade Acupuncture

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