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***The PCOS Journal will be launched worldwide at the end of November. By purchasing the product now, you are pre-ordering the PCOS Journal (at the sweet pre-order price) and you will receive it as soon as it launches. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, The PCOS Journal has already been launched and can be purchased over here.***


If you are ready to focus on your health and get INFORMED about PCOS, then The PCOS Journal is your new best friend.


The PCOS Journal is FILLED with info that will help you find the right PCOS treatment for YOUR body. And it's filled with ideas, facts, motivation and charts to keep you focused on your health, even when life gets HARD.


The PCOS Journal is a 12-month, undated health diary designed specifically to help women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) get informed about PCOS, their treatment options and their own body.


The result is that you get to find the treatment option that works for YOU.

If you feel like you are drowning in your diagnosis...

If you feel overwhelmed, unsure of where to begin or what step to take next...

If you feel like PCOS controls you...


If you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked...

If you want to understand PCOS...


If you want to understand your treatment options...


Or if you want to understand YOUR health, YOUR body, YOUR PCOS...




It is filled with:


- information about treatment options (many you probably haven't even heard of!)

- charts for tracking EVERYTHING including your symptoms, treatments, habits, weight and fertility.

- motivational worksheets

- space for recording meal plans

- information about specific medicines and home remedies

- PCOS specific self-care ideas

- yoga poses that can help PCOS

- PCOS friendly recipes

- affirmations

- inspirational quotes

The tools the journal provides are going to turn you into an empowered woman with PCOS who holds ownership over her health. You're going to have the knowledge you need to streamline your journey to wellness.


It will be your companian as you pull yourself out from underneath your diagnosis and take back control of your body.


Using the journal can:


- inform you so that you can quickly find the right treatment for your body.

- help you understand YOUR PCOS and YOUR body.

- give you a thorough understanding of your treatment options.

- provide insight into what treatments are actually working for you.

- improve your understanding of your fertility and cycle.

- show you how to reduce stress and increase relaxation and productivity.

- empower you with knowledge about better food choices for PCOS and help you to lose weight.

- improve your relationship with your body.

- give you a more organised life.

- motivate you to achieve your goals.

- inspire you to get through the low times.

- provide a clear record of your health, which you can share with health professionals.

- help you to prioritise your health.


The journal has been created by Melissa Christie, an Australian mum with PCOS and founder of PCOS Pathways. The journal has been reviewed by an advisory team of PCOS practitioners to ensure accuracy across all modalities presented.

PRE-ORDER The PCOS Journal out worldwide in December 2019

  • Click here to read reviews of the journal.



    "The PCOS Journal helped me conceive after more than 2 years of failed fertility treatments" - anonymous


    "The PCOS Journal is a wonderful tool to empower and help women manage their PCOS symptoms. This unique journal isn’t only pretty, but very practical too!.  It will help keep me organized in 2019 and will provide needed encouragement and inspiration on my PCOS wellness journey." ~ Amy Medling, author of Healing PCOS and founder of PCOSDiva.com


    "Two of the most urgent needs in the PCOS community include finding credible information and finding an outlet and support for managing health. Having those in one place is like finding treasure for those impacted by PCOS." - Sasha Ottey, Founder and Executive Director of PCOS Challenge - www.pcoschallenge.org

  • Delivery: This is a pre-order, which means you will receive the journal when it is launched worldwide at the end of November. If you are in Australia or New Zealand, the journal has already been launched and can be purchased over here

    Size: A5

    Diary view: Week at a glance (Week to a spread)

    Paper: Full colour, 80GSM

    Cover: Flexi cover (it's a type of bendy cover that isn't a paper-back - it is thicker and prettier)

    Binding: Ring bound

    Date: The journal is undated, meaning you can start it on any day of any year.

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