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PCOS Symptoms

​The varying symptoms of PCOS are yet another display of how every woman is different...

It is common for signs of PCOS to begin soon after a girl begins getting her period or later in a woman's reproductive years. Any combination of the symptoms below can be seen in a woman suffering from PCOS, some women only showing a few signs and others showing many.

I have broken the list of symptoms into 2 categories. The first is a list of PCOS features that are testable or measurable. The second is a list of symptoms that can be seen or felt. I have also included a list of conditions that women with PCOS have an increased risk of developing.

Testable/measurable features of PCOS:

Polycystic Ovaries

High Androgen (male hormone) levels

Anovulation/Amenorrhea (irregular periods indicating difficulty ovulating)

Low Progesterone levels in the Luteal Phase of your cycle

Imbalanced Lutinising Hormone (LH): Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) ratio

Insulin Resistance

Other PCOS symptoms:

Difficulty falling pregnant

Disproportionate amount of body fat around middle

Hirsutism (increased amounts of body hair)


Extreme moodiness

Thinning of hair on the head



Heavy, painful periods


Difficulty losing weight




Conditions PCOS sufferers have an increased risk of developing:

Sleep Apnea

Type 2 diabetes

Heart disease

Heart attack


Cholesterol and blood fat abnormalities

Endometrial Carcinoma


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