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Helpful PCOS Links

The PCOS Community is lucky to have some incredible health practitioners on its side and brave women sharing their stories and knowledge about PCOS.

Below is a list of PCOS and health websites that I really love and want to share with you. I genuinely believe they can help you on your journey. Check them out!

I also am the administrator for a Facebook Group called the Empowered Women with PCOS Group. Please join the group to connect with women like you who want to build each other up with knowledge about PCOS.

The Period Revolutionary
Lara is a Naturopath specialising in hormone and period health
PCOS Diet Support
Tarryn is a health coach specialising in PCOS nutrition.
PCOS Challenge
PCOS Challenge a not-for-profit organisation focused on spreading awareness of PCOS, helping women with PCOS and increasing research for the condition.
Amy is a Health Coach specialising in PCOS.
Natural Fertility Info
Natural Fertility Info is an online resource that explores natural options for men and women who want to conceive a baby.
PCOS Awareness Association
The PCOS Awareness Association is a worldwide not for profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness about PCOS and supporting women with PCOS.
Kakini Yogini
Nandini is a yoga instructor specialising in working with women to awaken the sacred feminine.
Lotus Flower PCOS
Stefania is a nutritionist specialising in PCOS
Spring Acupuncture
Suzzanne and Leigh are Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners specialising in Fertility and Pregnancy.
Green Tree Ayurveda
Vibhuti is an Ayurvedic Doctor specialising in women's health, fertility and PCOS
PCOS Centre
Vanessa is a Naturopath and Homeopath specialising in PCOS and fertility
Embrace your womb
Michelle is a Fertility Massage Therapist.
PCOS Wellness
Gretchen is a health psychologist specialising in PCOS.
Heart Space Fertility
Heidi is a Kinesiologist, Reiki Master and Reflexologist specialising in fertility
PCOS Coaching Melinda logo
Melinda is a PCOS Health Coach
Your Fertility Journey
Kate is a Fertility Nurse Specialist and Coach
Fertile Health
Monica is a Nurse specialising in fertility
Edwina Taylor Massage
Edwina is a Fertility Massage Therapist.
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