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The 2019 PCOS Journal


The 2019 PCOS Journal is a beautiful day planner designed specifically for Women with PCOS. That's right! A support tool made just for us.

​PCOS is so complex and women are often managing multiple symptoms and multiple treatments all at once.

The 2019 PCOS Journal is one of the only complimentary support tools available to help women with PCOS on their journey.

The lovingly made journal contains:

Ample, dated space for managing your day to day life

Beautifully designed, full colour pages on quality, thick paper

Fertility charts

Weight charts

Symptom charts

Treatment charts

Habit charts

Information about treatment options

Test reports

Health tips

Supplement information

Inspirational worksheets

Yoga poses


and so much more, all specific to PCOS and all fact checked by
PCOS health professionals.

Pre-orders for the 2019 PCOS Journal are available now through a Kickstarter Campaign.

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The 2019 PCOS Journal will make a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one suffering from PCOS.

With roughly 10% of women having PCOS it is sad knowing that there are very few dedicated resources.

The 2019 PCOS Journal is a support tool that has been created specifically for women with PCOS. It is a beautifully made book that you can carry everywhere and hold with you as a record of your
PCOS Journey.

The charts will be useful for you to reflect on and notice changes in your body and the effectiveness of your treatment choices but they will also be useful for you to show to any health practitioner you meet with. The 2019 PCOS Journal is at its core, a health record.

Pre-order your copy of the journal here.

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The PCOS Diary by PCOS Pathways pre-order on kickstarter

The 2019 PCOS Journal has been created by me - Melissa Christie, a woman from Australia with PCOS. I run the PCOS Pathways facebook page and blog and am passionate about sharing information with women about the many treatment options available to women with PCOS.

After suffering a heart wrenching miscarriage in 2015, I realised that there is so little out there to support women with PCOS and even less to help us manage it. Since then I have made it my goal to change that.

The 2019 PCOS Journal is the first support tool I have created to help us manage our PCOS and I am so hopeful that it is as helpful to you as I know it will be to me.

I am very happy to say that I am now a mother. I live with my husband Matt and 1 year old son Koji in the hills of Northern NSW, Australia.

To make The 2019 PCOS Journal a reality, I am crowdfunding it with pre-orders on Kickstarter. My graphic designer is ready to go, the content is being compiled and the health professionals
are on board...

I just need you.

I need the women that this journal is so lovingly made for.

Pre-order your copy of The 2019 PCOS Journal here.

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Thank you so much for your support. You are not just supporting me or yourself - you are supporting all women with PCOS.

Melissa Christie - creator of The PCOS Diary

Please note that I am not a health professional. I am a woman with PCOS who has compiled The 2019 PCOS Journal with the aid of women who are

qualified health professionals.


Also please note that the images used on this page are not of The 2019 PCOS Journal. Images of the journal will be available when the
Kickstarter campaign is launched.

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