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Empower yourself with knowledge about your PCOS treatment options

PCOS Pathways is a website dedicated to providing information about the many treatment options available to women with PCOS. The website has been developed by me, Melissa Christie, an Australian woman with PCOS. PCOS Pathways is also behind the brand new, innovative day planner designed specifically to help women manage their PCOS - The PCOS Journal.

I am the administrator for a Facebook Group called the Empowered Women with PCOS Group. Please join the group to connect with women like you who want to build each other up with knowledge about PCOS.

PCOS is a hormonal disorder effecting about 10% of women. Unfortunately there is no definitive cause and no definitive cure.


PCOS can effect women in many ways. Most notably, it is the worlds leading cause of infertility. This is devastating for many of us, but there is hope. Hope comes in the form of treatment. There are many treatment methods available to us and due to PCOS having many symptoms that effect us all differently, it is best for you to read about all the methods of treatment and choose a method that appeals to you. There will certainly be some trial and error, but

the important thing is to take charge of your health and work on it. Because no one cares about your health as much as you do.


PCOS Pathways is here to help you. I myself have PCOS and have been managing it for the past five years. Some things have helped and others not so much, but the thing I find lacking out there is one place to find information about all the treatment options available to us. I find that most websites and practitioners specialise in and promote a particular treatment method and I find that there are some really effective treatment methods that are rarely even mentioned or explored. This website is here to provide information on and explore all of our options.


After experiencing a heart-wrenching miscarriage in 2015 I began looking at my PCOS through new eyes. I had to do constant google searching and forum and article trawling to find out about different treatment options and research. Throughout my grief, this was so time consuming and difficult. I also found that there were no tools to help me manage my PCOS. So I decided that once I was feeling better, I would dedicate my time to solving this issue. This is why I have developed the PCOS Pathways website and why I have created The 2019 PCOS Journal - a day planner designed specifically to help women manage their PCOS.

So please, soak up all the information available to you, comment if you want to,
contact me if you have questions and

ladies - stay hopeful and motivated! Knowledge-up and take charge of your health!

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